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We are a procure-to-pay eCommerce platform exclusively for Healthcare. Our only business is YOUR business.

  • We know your software
  • We know your workflow
  • We know your ERP
  • We know both ends of the transaction intimately

This is the IDS Competitive Advantage:

  • We’re less expensive than any other solution
  • We have thousands of your vendors already registered in our system
  • Both vendors and hospitals gain total transparency into the day-to-day status of all invoices
  • Our dashboard gives you access to all the data and key metrics that you need to run your business.
  • We’ve grown organically with the industry, and all of the natural redundancies required for stable complex systems are well established

Because we remain exclusively a healthcare platform, our level of expertise grows with every new client, and our team is likely the most knowledgeable in the field.

Providing healthcare services is a very complicated endeavor, with myriad technology, compliance and clinical issues frequently interacting in unforeseen ways. Few industries have such a wide range of stakeholders. Let us take care of the back office so you can focus on what you need to do best: serve the needs of your patients.

Let IDS find a better way to pay your bills for you.

The more you spend, the greater the variety and size of the discounts and rebates we can capture for you. The greater the variety of vendors you have, the greater the service IDS can provide you.

IDS: The best option for optimizing healthcare business processes

  • We operate exclusively in the healthcare space
  • Our database of healthcare vendors and registered users is so deep that we can leverage it to your advantage like no other competitor

Already have Procure-to-Pay automation?

Don’t worry – we work alongside your existing commitments without disruption.

There are always procurement and invoicing issues that cause you trouble let us manage them for you.