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IDS Solutions


Total visibility into the status of all your invoices through Invoice Tracker.

  • Send EDI / electronic transactions (PO Ack, Invoices) to customers, without making any investment in EDI
  • Electronic payment of invoices
  • Faster payment of invoices

Send all your invoice data to your customers electronically, regardless of format. Whether it be a file upload, e-mails, paper mail, faxes, PDFs, OCR, the IDS Hub has all the tools to seamlessly deliver all your critical business information.

Accounts Payable

Gain perfect insight into your exposure on a day-to-day basis.

  • Reduced calls from vendors inquiring about invoice / payment status
  • No more manual re-keying of invoices
  • Electronic invoice auto correction
  • Electronic resolution of invoice errors
  • Check replacement program provides additional rebates
  • Early Payment Discount program provides additional discounts

Save up to 80%
on your invoice
processing costs

  • No more manual routing of invoices
  • Reduce and streamline approval protocols
  • No more missing invoices
  • Procedure for exceptions specifically tailored to your hospital’s workflow
  • Complete centralization of invoice receipt

Early Payment Discount Program

Get the most out of your relationship with your vendors

  • Pay all your vendors and service providers on time
  • Find all available rebates and discounts – don’t leave big money on the table
  • Optimize your working capital


Receive Your Money, Paid Faster

  • Rates as Low as 0.5% per Month
  • Up to 100% Advance Rate
  • Easy to Use Online Platform
  • Submit from 1 Up to All Invoices
  • Non debt and Compatible with Existing Financing
  • Learn more about invoiceXcel


Both ends of your supply chain gain maximum visibility

  • Transmit P.O.
  • Receive P.O. acknowledgement from all suppliers,including non-EDI suppliers
  • Receive Advance Shipping Notice

IDS will help you cement your business relationships going forward, whether you are a health care provider or a vendor.

Auto-match consults your pricing catalogues to make sure you are never overspending on supplies.

Don’t be daunted. However you’ve decided to shore up your business processes, we’re the healthcare experts who can guide you through the process of identifying opportunities to maximize your working capital, from capturing
critical operational savings to seizing significant discounts and rebates via a number of innovative channels. We’ll work with your management team to scour the field for every best-practice opportunity.